SIMTEC, an Elite certified channel partner of Ansys, organizes live introductory trainings on:

Computational Fluid Dynamics – CFD

  1. Computational Fluid Dynamics Preparation with Ansys – 14 May 2024
  2. Computational Fluid Dynamics with Ansys Fluent – 15 May 2024

Finite Element Analysis – FEA

  1. Finite Element Analysis Preparation with Ansys – 21 May 2024
  2. Finite Element Analysis with Ansys Mechanical – 22 May 2024

The trainings are addressed to engineers from Companies that are involved in the designing process, or in the Research and Development (R&D) of innovative new products and processes.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFD Pre-processing with Ansys

Join our “Computational Fluid Dynamics Preparation with Ansys” event for introductory training in CFD using Ansys. Gain expert insights through lectures and hands-on workshops, from basics to advanced techniques. Enhance your skills, connect with peers and open new career paths. See the full description and all the event details below.

  • Introduction to Ansys SpaceClaim for CFD​
    • Preparing Geometry for CFD Analysis​
  • Introduction to Ansys Fluent Meshing ​
    • Ansys Fluent Meshing with Watertight-Geometry workflow for CFD​
    • Ansys Fluent Meshing with Fault-Tolerant workflow for CFD​
  • Introduction to Ansys Workbench Meshing for CFD ​
    • Meshing methods​
    • Global & Local Mesh Controls​

Discover the essentials of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with our focused training:

  • Ansys SpaceClaim for CFD: Kickstart with geometry preparation.
  • Geometry Prep for CFD Analysis: Dive into optimization techniques.
  • Ansys Fluent Meshing Intro: Learn the basics of Fluent meshing.
  • Watertight-Geometry Workflow: Master meshing for CFD with precision.
  • Fault-Tolerant Workflow: Explore robust meshing for complex geometries.
  • Ansys Workbench Meshing for CFD: Get acquainted with Workbench meshing essentials.
  • Meshing Methods: Understand various approaches for effective meshing.
  • Mesh Controls: Learn to fine-tune with global and local mesh adjustments.

This training streamlines your path to mastering CFD analysis with Ansys.

  • Venue: Athens
  • Date & Time: 14 May 2024 – 09:00 – 17:00
  • Price: 250€ per day (see more details)

CFD with Ansys Fluent

Dive into “Computational Fluid Dynamics with Ansys Fluent,” covering geometry, advanced meshing, and fluent workflows. Learn from experts, enhance skills with workshops, and connect with the CFD community. Elevate your fluid dynamics expertise through Ansys in this immersive experience. See the full description and all the event details below.

  • ​Introduction to Ansys Fluent​
    • Overview of the CFD Process​
    • Setting up Domain & Physics​
    • Parameters & Design Points​
    • Solving & Post-Processing​
    • Best Practices

Dive into CFD with our concise training:

  • Ansys Fluent Introduction: Begin with the basics of Fluent.
  • CFD Process Overview: Understand the complete CFD workflow.
  • Domain & Physics Setup: Learn how to define your simulation space and physics.
  • Parameters & Design Points: Master the art of optimizing simulations.
  • Solving & Post-Processing: Gain insights into solving simulations and analyzing results.
  • Best Practices: Adopt expert strategies for efficient and accurate CFD analyses.

Perfect for getting up to speed with Ansys Fluent and CFD principles.

  • Venue: Athens
  • Date & Time: 15 May 2024 – 09:00 – 17:00
  • Price: 250€ per day (see more details)

Finite Element Analysis

FEA Pre-processing with Ansys

Unlock the power of FEA with our event “Finite Element Analysis Preparation with Ansys”, focusing on Ansys SpaceClaim and Workbench for geometry preparation and meshing. Learn various meshing techniques, controls, and quality for reliable FEA results. See the full description and all the event details below.

  • Introduction to Ansys SpaceClaim for FEA​
    • Preparing Geometry for FEA Analysis​
  • Introduction to Ansys Workbench Meshing for FEA (Implicit/Explicit) ​
    • Meshing methods​
    • Global & Local Mesh Controls​
    • Mesh Quality & Advanced Topics​

Enhance your FEA skills with our streamlined training:

  • Ansys SpaceClaim for FEA Introduction: Start with the basics of preparing geometry in SpaceClaim.
  • Geometry Prep for FEA Analysis: Dive into geometry optimization for FEA.
  • Ansys Workbench Meshing Intro (Implicit/Explicit): Understand meshing in Workbench for different analysis types.
  • Meshing Methods: Explore various approaches to create effective meshes.
  • Mesh Controls (Global & Local): Learn to refine meshes with precision.
  • Mesh Quality & Advanced Topics: Explore advanced concepts for superior mesh quality.

Ideal for mastering FEA analysis with Ansys tools.

  • Venue: Athens
  • Date & Time: 21 May 2024 – 09:00 – 17:00
  • Price: 250€ per day (see more details)

FEA with Ansys Mechanical

Deepen your expertise in FEA with “Finite Element Analysis with Ansys Mechanical,” covering everything from preprocessing to advanced analyses like eigenvalue buckling and submodeling. See the full description and all the event details below.

  • Introduction to Ansys Mechanical​
    • Preprocessing​
    • Structural Analysis​
    • Post-processing, Validation and Parameters​
    • Connections & Remote Boundary Conditions​
    • Modal, Thermal & Multistep Analyses​
    • Eigenvalue Buckling & Submodeling Analyses​

Sharpen your FEA skills with this focused training:

  • Ansys Mechanical Introduction: Get started with Ansys Mechanical basics.
  • Preprocessing: Learn model preparation for analysis.
  • Structural Analysis: Dive into analyzing structural integrity.
  • Post-processing and Validation: Examine results analysis and model validation.
  • Connections & Remote Boundary Conditions: Understand complex model interactions.
  • Modal, Thermal & Multistep Analyses: Explore dynamic, thermal, and sequential analyses.
  • Eigenvalue Buckling & Submodeling Analyses: Gain insight into stability and detailed stress analysis.

Designed to boost your proficiency in FEA with Ansys Mechanical.

  • Venue: Athens
  • Date & Time: 22 May 2024 – 09:00 – 17:00
  • Price: 250€ per day (see more details)

More details

  • Equipment: Participants will work on their own laptops.
  • Evaluation license: After the seminar, an evaluation license may be provided to the participants.
  • Cost* per participant:
    • One (1) day course: 250€/ per attendee
    • Two (2) days course: 450€/ per attendee
    • Three (3) days course: 700€/ per attendee
    • Four (4) days course: 900€ / per attendee

*VAT is not included in the above prices.

Contact us for more details about multiple attendees.

* In case the date is not working for you, we’ll host the same events online in a few weeks! You can find more details here.

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